Snow Removal

When Minnesota's winter showcases its white blanket, RJ3 Property Maintenance ensures your path remains clear and safe.

Winter in Minnesota is synonymous with scenic snowfalls, turning landscapes into picturesque wonderlands. But with this beauty comes the need for efficient snow removal. At RJ3 Property Maintenance, we ensure that the beauty of winter doesn’t impede your daily routine, keeping your driveways, walkways, and properties snow-free and accessible.

Timely Snow Removal

The magic number is 2 inches. Anytime snowfall exceeds this threshold, our dedicated team swings into action. We'll be at your doorstep, clearing all walkways, driveways, and steps, ensuring your routines remain undisrupted.

Six-Month Contractual Program

Our snow removal program is contractual and spans a six-month duration, giving you peace of mind throughout the winter season. No need for constant bookings; one contract covers the entire snowy stretch.

Comprehensive Coverage

From the front steps to the back driveway, every inch of your property is under our watchful care. We ensure no nook or cranny is left snow-laden, prioritizing safety and accessibility in every service.
Battles with snow shovels and early morning clear-outs can become things of the past. With RJ3 Property Maintenance's contractual snow removal service, enjoy the beauty of Minnesota's winters from the comfort of your home, knowing that the path outside is always clear and ready for you.
Don't let winter's whims dictate your schedule

Contact RJ3 Property Maintenance today!

Wave goodbye to winter worries and take the proactive step towards a snow-free season. Your safety, convenience, and peace of mind are just a contract away. Don't let snow dictate your routine or hinder your plans. Partner with RJ3 Property Maintenance now and ensure an accessible, clear, and hassle-free property all winter long. Reach out today and let us do the heavy lifting for you!

How quickly can I expect service after a snowfall?

Our team is always on standby during the winter months. Once the snow accumulates beyond 2", we aim to clear your property in a timely and efficient manner, typically within 24 hours, depending on the size of the storm and the total number of clients serviced

Do you offer services for both commercial and residential properties?

Yes, we provide snow removal services for both commercial and residential properties. Each site has its unique requirements, and we are equipped to handle both.

What happens if there's a major blizzard or extreme snow event?

In the event of a significant snowstorm, our team might experience some delays due to the sheer volume of snow. However, we prioritize safety and will ensure your property is cleared as soon as it's feasible.

Do you offer any pre-season contracts or packages?

Yes, we offer a 6-month contractual program for snow removal, ensuring you have consistent and reliable service throughout the winter season.

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